Compromise for Hong Kong: An Electoral College That Works

By Steven Hill, China-US Focus, October 8, 2014

Watching pro-democracy students take over the streets of Hong Kong raises conflicting feelings. One can’t help but cheer their drive for greater democracy and freedom, yet at the same time remember how similar aspirations were drowned in blood in Beijing’s Tiananmen...

Why Merkel’s Foreign Policy For Eastern Europe Is Failing

By Steven Hill, Social Europe Journal, September 23, 2014

The fragile cease-fire in eastern Ukraine provides an opportunity for political leaders to reflect on how we arrived at this dangerous place of Cold War-like tensions between Russia, Europe and the United States. From Washington DC to Berlin to Warsaw, western...

David Cameron’s Failures And The Great Shrinking

By Steven Hill, Social Europe Journal, September 17, 2014

In Prime Minister David Cameron’s desperate entreaties towards his fellow countrymen in the North, one can hear the resounding bleat of his own policy failures. The theme of Cameron’s tenure has become one of “The Great Shrinking”:  close to losing...

President Obama’s Challenge in Ferguson

By Steven Hill, ORF (Austrian public broadcasting), August 21, 2014

Political analyst Steven Hill gives his views on the killing of an unarmed 18 year old black man by police in Ferguson, Missouri, and racial politics in America. “It’s a sad, sad day…”...

Consensus Building Through Dynamic Democracy

By Steven Hill, Lessons from Europe, September, 2014

This is a chapter from a book I contributed to: Lessons from Europe: What Americans Can Learn from European Public Policies, edited by Professor R. Dan Kelemen of Rutgers University

Political Democracy: Consensus Building Through Dynamic Democracy in Europe

A functioning political democracy is...

The EU’s Uncelebrated Achievements

By Steven Hill,  IP/IP Journal (Berlin), May 21, 2014

Economic gains in Central and Eastern Europe more than icing on the cake

New research shows that living standards between eastern and western Europe are converging. But such bits of good news have been drowned out by more negative...

Merkel’s flawed vision for Europe, Ukraine-Russia and beyond

By Steven Hill, Al Jazeera, April 13, 2014

Germany has been led by eight chancellors since 1949, and nearly all of them have been world-class leaders. Their vision and achievements have been immortalised in portraits that hang in the Gallery of Chancellors on the first floor of the chancellery...

Merkel’s Shaky Europe

By Steven Hill, IP/IP Journal (Berlin), April 3, 2014

The Ukraine crisis points out the continent’s weaknesses — made in Germany

(German-language version here)

Until now, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has weathered the euro crisis well enough. But the Russian annexation of Crimea illustrates the...

McCutcheon’s Silver Lining: How It Could Undermine Super PACs

By Steven Hill, The Atlantic, April 3, 2014

The Supreme Court’s ruling puts more money into politics, but it could help parties and candidates wrest back some control.

Wednesday’s Supreme Court ruling in McCutcheon vs. Federal Election Commission is the latest in a long parade of horribles, as many...

Santa Clarita goes beyond politics as usual: bold new path to a more diverse City Council

By Steven Hill, Los Angeles Times, March 24, 2014

The city charts a bold new path to a more diverse City Council

Earlier this month, Santa Clarita settled a California Voting Rights Act lawsuit, and in doing so became the first city in California to embrace innovative election rules that...