Uber in Trouble Again: whistleblowers reveal more scandal

By Steven Hill, American Prospect, March 13, 2017

Everybody knows that for decades Big Tobacco profited from deception and clever marketing. The companies even conducted their own studies and concluded—surprise, surprise—that tobacco was a safe product with no link to cancer.

Now Uber has been caught in a similar ruse.…

WA Post: Interview about “Has Uber’s day of reckoning arrived?”

Washington Post, March 10, 2017

(Interview by Frederick Kunkle)

Steven Hill, who wrote about Uber in his book about the sharing economy, compared Uber’s alleged deception about its autonomous vehicles to the practices of Big Tobacco. Uber is betting big on developing an autonomous fleet of driverless taxis, but it...

Die Zeit: “You’re fired!”

by Steven Hill, Die Zeit, February 16, 2017

(English version; for the original German version, click here)

Recently I was having a pleasant conversation in Berlin with a highly-regarded professor and former university president when the conversation turned unexpectedly disagreeable. We hit an impasse as we discussed the impact...

Uber: The Road Not Taken

By Steven Hill, American Prospect, January 30, 2017

Why Uber’s business model keeps bleeding money—and how it might yet right itself as a useful but less grandiose venture

Uber, the wildly popular ride-sharing company, now hopes to pioneer both self-driving and self-flying vehicles. But long before Uber gets to...

A new era: our elections now will be decided by hackers and leaked data

by Steven Hill, Guardian, November 16, 2016

WikiLeaks and a network of anonymous hackers have become a major influence – but are they enhancing our democracy or undermining it?

A new and disturbing factor emerged during this presidential election, and one that may change elections forever: democracies are now at...

Die Zeit: “Apple and Donald Trump: two sides of a very strange coin”

By Steven Hill, Die Zeit, October 5, 2016

(published in German, here is the link to the German version)

Many people from across the political spectrum are shaking their heads over the recent Apple tax scandal. But it is only the latest example of the corporate malfeasance and misconduct that...

CNBC’s Squawk Box: Red flag on gig economy gyp (video)

Interview by Andrew Ross Sorkin, CNBC, October 4, 2016

Author Steven Hill is interviewed by host Andrew Ross Sorkin on CNBC’s Squawk Box. Here’s the link to the broadcast.…

Q&A with Wash Post: “Is Uber the next big thing that goes kaput? This guy thinks so”

Washington Post, September 26

Interview by Fredrick Kunkle

Steven Hill thinks Uber has shaken up the taxi industry — or Big Taxi, as Hill calls it – in a way that’s been beneficial to many consumers.

And that’s about the nicest thing Hill has to say about the San Francisco-based ride-sharing...

Friedrich Ebert Foundation policy paper: “The California Challenge: How (not) to regulate disruptive business models”

By Steven Hill, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, September 15, 2016

Policy paper written by Steven Hill for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Germany


Executive Summary

„„* The latest trend from Silicon Valley is known as the »sharing economy,« sometimes referred to as the »gig economy,« »on-demand,« »peer-to-peer« or »collaborative consumption« economy.…

Stern (Germany) Interview on Airbnb: “The idea behind it is good, but…”

Interview by Steffen Gassel, Stern, September 1, 2016

This interview with author Steven Hill is published in German, “Die idee dahinter ist gut, aber…” (PDF version). The interview appeared in Stern, the second most popular publication in Germany (750,000 circulation)…