Memo to Hillary Clinton: How to DOUBLE Social Security

by Steven Hill,, July 8, 2016

Here’s a plan to secure retirement for all Americans — without spending any more government money.

Recently President Barack Obama announced his support for expanding Social Security for our nation’s retirees. That is welcome news because Obama and other Democrats like...

Defending a Sacred Trust: The High Stakes for the Future of Social Security

Interview with author Steven Hill, Truthout, June 29, 2016

Social Security is one of the most important and popular government programs of all time. Not only has it been crucial as a foundation for US retirees and as the most effective anti-poverty program ever — it also has been...

Economic Policy Institute: Author Steven Hill on why we must expand Social Security (video)

Economic Policy Institute, June 28, 2016

Presentation by Steven Hill about his recently published book Expand Social Security Now! How to Ensure Americans Get the Retirement They Deserve. Hill appeared at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington DC, along with Nancy Altman, co-director of Social Security Works and Maya Rockeymoore,...

C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal”: Book Discussion on Steven Hill’s “Raw Deal”

By Steven Hill, C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” June 26, 2016

Here’s the link to go the C-SPAN broadcast.  

Author Steven Hill talks about his book, Raw Deal: How the Uber Economy and Runaway Capitalism Are Screwing American Workers, about the evolution and negative effects he believes the “gig economy”...

Die Zeit: European Union, reluctant superpower – get over it!

by Steven Hill, Die Zeit, June 23, 2016

(German language version, Du bist super – gewöhn dich dran!)

If you type the words “European Union” and “crisis” into the Google search engine, you instantly receive 115 million hits. When I did that back in 2009, before the eurozone crisis, “only”...

The Future of Work in the Digital Economy: Promise and Peril

By Steven Hill, Deutsche Telekom AG, June 8, 2016

What will jobs of the future look like, in a world in which “sharing economy” companies like Uber, Upwork, and ClickWorker are becoming the model for a new kind of company?

On the positive side, these new ways of employment can...

Tagesspiegel: Berlin should toughen actions against Airbnb

By Steven Hill, Tagesspiegel, June 2, 2016

(German language version, Berlin sollte härter gegen Airbnb vorgehen)

Gentrifizierung in Berlin-Neukölln.

The cost of rental housing in Berlin has nearly doubled in the last 10 years, making it harder for many people to make ends meet....

Die Zeit: The future of work in a social democracy

by Steven Hill, Die Zeit, May 25, 2016

(German language version, “Vorwärts, Genossen”)

One of the puzzles of the post-global recession is the ongoing electoral weakness of many center-left political parties. One would think that with so many voters worried about their future, they would naturally gravitate toward parties...

American Prospect: How to Fix Social Security? Expand It

by Steven Hill, American Prospect, May 12, 2016

Proposals abound to overhaul the Social Security system via means-testing, raising the retirement age, or price adjustments. But the real solution to a fairer, more stable retirement system is Social Security expansion.

(Excerpt from the author’s new book, “Expand Social Security...

Handelsblatt: Germany’s false envy of Silicon Valley “startups”

By Steven Hill, Handelsblatt, April 21, 2016

(German language PDF version,Deutschlands falscher Neid aufs Silicon Valley,” online version here)  

As I travel around Germany, from the giant messe of Hannover and Frankfurt to the digital incubators of Berlin, I hear a near-constant refrain: “Germany needs more startup...