The Economic Fallacy of ‘Zombie’ Japan

By Steven Hill, Guardian, August 11, 2010

Japan has been getting a raw deal from the so-called economic experts. Consider this: in the midst of the great recession, the United States is suffering through nearly 10% unemployment, rising inequality and poverty, 47 million people without health insurance, declining retirement prospects for...

Don’t scorn Germany and Japan; learn from them

By Steven Hill, Los Angeles Times, July 29, 2010

In the midst of the Great Recession, the United States is suffering through nearly 10% unemployment, rising inequality and poverty, 47 million people without health insurance, declining retirement prospects for the middle class and a general increase in economic insecurity. The global...

Europe Needs a Public Relations Makeover

By Steven Hill, Social Europe Journal, July 16, 2010

The American-European relationship has been crucially important during the post-World War II era for both places. Yet recently it has been hurt by both neglect and design. Even before the Greek debt crisis, Europe had been suffering a longstanding public relations crisis...

Swiss offer a fix for direct democracy

By Steven Hill, Sacramento Bee, July 2, 2010

I recently participated in a research trip to Switzerland to study the alpine nation’s system of direct democracy (initiative and referendum, or I&R). Its model offers fresh ideas about how to repair the dysfunctional initiative process in California and San Francisco.

In California,...

Closing the ‘Democracy Deficit’ in the EU and US

By Steven Hill, June 17, 2010, Social Europe Journal

My recent research trip to Switzerland with a group of other Americans was enlightening, in more ways than one. Besides admiring the great beauty of the Swiss mountains, lakes and picturesque cities, it was a chance to study in depth the Alpine...

Europe Energized

By Steven Hill, June 8, 2010, New York Times/International Herald Tribune

With toxic black ooze spreading throughout the Gulf of Mexico, it may be time for the Obama administration to think seriously about national energy policy. It could learn plenty by looking across the Atlantic.


Building a Balanced Supreme Court

May 17, 2010, New York Daily News

Oftentimes, American-style partisanship results in Republicans and Democrats fighting like two mindless gamecocks in the ring. Well, take your seats, because nothing brings out this combative behavior more than a Supreme Court nomination.

President Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court will...

Lessons from the Gulf of Mexico: US Needs a National Energy Policy like Europe’s

By Steven Hill, May 17, 2010, Social Europe Journal

With the spectre of the Greek default crisis still hanging over Europe, it may seem like Europe can’t do anything right. But with hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic black oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, the United States could...

Greek Crisis Leads to Positive Steps

By Steven Hill, May 14, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle

Contrary to what the doomsayers have been saying, Greece’s debt crisis may turn out to be one of the best things to happen to the European Union.

While the situation has been messy, it also has signaled a badly needed wake-up call to...

Europe’s Answer to Wall Street

By Steven Hill, April 21, 2010, The Nation

A year and a half after an economic earthquake shook the world, the so-called experts are still trying to figure out what happened and how to move forward. In the shadows of that confusion, new economic models are beginning to find traction. Alternatives...