Steven Hill on the Kojo Nnamdi Show: Regulating Airbnb and The Sharing Economy

Kojo Nnamdi Show, WAMU/NPR, October 26, 2015

New America Foundation fellow Steven Hill, who recently authored the book Raw Deal: How the ‘Uber Economy’ and Runaway Capitalism are Screwing American Workers, argues that Airbnb effectively pits local residents against tourists. For example, he saya he’s interviewed tenants who’ve been kicked out of their rental units to be replaced by Airbnb renters. Nnamdi notes that some of their landlords aren’t average homeowners, but entrepreneurs with many properties.

Steven Hill

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Steven Hill is a political writer whose latest books are "Expand Social Security Now: How to Ensure Americans Get the Retirement They Deserve" ( and "Raw Deal: How the 'Uber Economy' and Runaway Capitalism Are Screwing American Workers" ( His previous books include "Europe's Promise: Why the European Way is the Best Hope in an Insecure Age" and "10 Steps to Repair American Democracy." Follow him at and on Twitter @StevenHill1776